Face, $125, series of six, $675
Face and décollecté, $150, series of six, $810
Hands, $30, series of six, $162
As an addition to a treatment, $50
Other areas of the body, to be determined upon request

Microdermabrasion revives and rejuvenates skin by using an exfoliating system to reduce discoloration, remedy clogged or enlarged pores, minimize fine lines, improve acne, lessen the appearance of scars and stimulate collagen production. After a single treatment, your skin will appear radiant and revived. This non-invasive, gentle yet effective and virtually pain-free treatment requires little to no downtime. For best results, a series of four to six treatments, each in two-week intervals, is recommended.



All Peels are customized for ideal potency: $70 - $200
Hands: $20
As an addition to a treatment, $35

Peels provide a variety of benefits to the skin including wrinkle and blemish reduction, diminishment of hyper-pigmentation and scars, collagen enhancement, increased firmness and superior tone. There is a wide selection ofpeels that may be added to your treatment or scheduled exclusively. Peels are determined by skin type and based on desired results.


Specialty Masques

The Kean Center’s Specialty Masques are designed to enhance treatments and to optimize results.
All masques are $25 as additions to your treatment.

Vitamin C Firming Masque
Packed with elucidating Vitamin C and nourishing
amino acids, this masque exfoliates the skin while
defending against free radical attack. This unique high-
powered masque is designed to tighten and detoxify
the skin while restoring a radiant complexion. A potent
dose of Panthenol replenishes lost hydration while
Allantoin soothes sensitive skin minimizing redness.

Antioxidant Illuminating Masque
This intensive exfoliating masque effectively
removes dulling superficial cells from epidermis
while providing the skin with a nourishing cocktail of
vitamins, botanical extracts and conditioning agents,
illuminating skin while improving elasticity and tone.

Contour Masque
Rich in calcium sulfate and algae-derived silica,
this masque defines the contours of the skin,
reducing edema with cooling temperatures. Firming,
smoothing and brightening.

Colloidal Oatmeal Masque
Pharmaceutical grade colloidal oatmeal with Avena
Sativa Keral protein reduces redness, itching and
stinging, helping to even tone. Ideal for Accutane

Naturopathic Algae Masque
A rich source of sugars and amino acids, algae
is highly nourishing to the skin while possessing
a distinct anti-inflammatory effect. A natural
powerhouse of skin refining nutrients.


Back Treatments

45 minutes, $70
1 hour, $85

A deep, purgative cleansing followed by intensive exfoliation, extractions and moisture replenishment restores the skin of your back to a clearer more radiant tone.



Lip, $15
Brow, $20
Face, $15 plus
Arms, $30 plus
Underarms, $20
Back, $40

Bikini, $30
Extended Bikini, $50 plus
Half Leg, $40
Half Leg & Bikini, $60
Full Leg, $55
Full Leg and Bikini, $75


Lash Brow Tinting

Brow Tinting, $20
Lash Tinting, $25
Lash & Brow Tinting, $35